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It’s all about the Fathers of the Brides…

Let’s talk about Fathers of the Brides, and the special role you take not only on the day of your daughter’s wedding but during the all important planning of the big day. 

There is no one else we would turn to for advice when it comes to weddings and the important part a father plays, than our very own General Manager Malachy McCollum, who is our Master of Ceremonies and has been a Father of the Bride himself. 

Here is what Malachy had to say to all you Fathers of the Brides. 

The number one thing Malachy emphasised was ‘Be Supportive’.

 It will be an amazing time in your daughter’s life but can also be stressful, so that is where you step in to help ease her stress.

You can support her throughout the planning process by helping her tick off her to do list. Malachy also suggests having a to-do list of your own for those smaller things, that she may forget about because of the bigger more pressing planning details. 

Helping her delegate roles for the wedding will take a lot of pressure off her, you can stay on top of this for her and especially on the wedding day, so she can fully enjoy her day without having to worry if things are being done or not. 

Just ensure that everyone knows what to do and when to do it. Malachy knows the importance of this, especially for the running of the wedding day, and with him being our Master of Ceremonies you will have a helping hand. 

Being father of the bride comes with 2 pretty big (and special) responsibilities and these are your speech and the father daughter dance. 

When it comes the speech Malachy’s top tips would be: 

  1. Make a big fuss about your daughter, this is her special day and you want to give her her place during your speech. 
  2. However, remember it’s also someone else’s day, she is marrying into another family with someone who is a big part of her life; it’s important to touch on how the wedding day is a celebration of two families coming together. 
  3. You can also take a very hard and emotional task off the couple and that is touching on absent friends and family who no longer are with us. A difficult task but a very important one. And, one she will be thankful to you for doing. 

Now it’s time to dance! 

When it comes to the father daughter dance, Malachy loved being involved in the song selection and spending this time with his daughter in the lead up to the wedding, picking a song together which highlighted the special bond between a father and his daughter. For his father daughter dance Malachy chose ‘Today my daughter becomes a bride’. 

Make this part of the planning process a priority as it creates fond memories for you and your daughter. 

And, lastly one piece of advice that Malachy believes all brides need to hear on their wedding day… ‘Stay Calm’. 

Your daughter will want her wedding to be perfect, so it is important that you tell her, stay calm, the planning is done and if something goes wrong today don’t let it outweigh the good. 

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