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How to Sleep Better, Introducing Elizabeth Welty PhD

Taking the time to understand just how the important sleep is when it comes to living a healthy and happy life is one thing in which should never be overlooked.

Here at Dunadry Hotel And Gardens, we have taken it as our responsibility to advocate and showcase the benefits of winding down and fulfilling our bodies needs to unwind and have a restful night’s sleep – after all, you do spend approximately 26 years of your life sleeping.

Therefore, we are proud to introduce Elizabeth Welty PhD as our Sleep Better campaign expert, who we have sought out to bring further knowledge and insight into the depths of curating wellness within the importance of getting a good night’s sleep, and how it can further benefit our overall wellbeing and health.

A plethora of knowledge, advice and advocacy for self-care and resetting the mind and body through meditation and grounding, Elizabeth holds the experience where she has excellently conducted classes, workshops and given out advice tailored to the individuals who need that extra bit of insight who want a better sleep / wind down routine at the end of their day.

Improving your sleep starts before you get ready for bed and what better place to improve your relaxation and sleep than the tranquil grounds and serene rooms at Dunadry Hotel And Gardens.

Sleep Better Tips

1. Get some exercise during the day – even better, go for a mindful walk to wind down your day. This gives you time to process your day and release tension.

2. Eat a healthy, light meal in the earlier evening and try to avoid caffeine and alcohol in the evening…. We know it’s hard to curb the alcohol on a night out but try to finish your evening with an herbal tea to hydrate before bed.

3. Take some time to unwind. Perhaps a nice bath or shower, some light viewing, or reading a paper book (remember those?) – this will help close the open tabs in your mind to prepare for sleep

4. Tuck your electronics in for a good night sleep BEFORE you get in to bed yourself, try to spend the first 10 minutes of your day.

Finally, it’s okay if you wake up in the night… and it’s important not to stress about it. Try to keep your awareness anchored on the tiredness of your body, and the feeling of your breath. If you are still awake, occupy your mind with a guided meditation or reading a book. Remember, you are still relaxing, and your mind / body is continuing to restore.

We take your sleep into our hands. Dunadry Hotel And Gardens prides itself in perfecting the finer details to help fine tune your wind down routine to ensure you have the best nights sleep. From Rituals cosmetics stocked in our bedrooms, the luxurious thread count of our sheets, to our RESPA Mattresses tried and tested to be only the best for our guests.

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