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Find your Path to Inner Peace with Rituals Cosmetics & Dunadry Hotel And Gardens

We are elated to introduce the newest addition to our offerings here at Dunadry Hotel And Gardens; the luxurious Ritual of Jing collection by Rituals Cosmetics.  

The Ritual of Jing can be simply explained in 3 words; Calmness, Stillness & Tranquility.  

It is time for you to discover your path to finding inner peace, The Ritual of Jing collection provides an escape to immerse yourself into deep relaxation, by providing a sensual, stylish scent to guide you towards a calm state of mind, allowing you to slip away into a restful night’s sleep.  

Looking into the inspiration behind the collection, Rituals investigated the origin of ‘Jing;’ an ancient Chinese concept which discovers tranquility, calmness, and stillness. Before turning it into a physical product which helps create the sense of relaxation when using their products, being rounded off by placing the products in a setting where you feel comfortable, relaxed, and ready for a good nights sleep to find your path to inner peace.  

Infused with the warming scent of Jujube and floral lotus, these scents relieve stress and encapsulate a personal sanctuary for all who use it.  

When it came to choosing which cosmetics best complimented the feel and ethos of Dunadry Hotel And Gardens we wanted to ensure that it encapsulated the undeniable relaxation feeling our internal gardens radiate. They are a sanctuary where you can sit and feel at one with your environment both visually and audibly. Whether it is the stillness of nature when sitting outside one of our Garden Executive or Courtyard rooms or walking through the captivating river walk to our secret garden, with the sound of the flowing six-mile river in the background.  

Rituals intended to create meaningful moments from everyday practices, and we also intend to make your everyday practices more luxurious and relaxing when you stay.  

Placed in each guest room and public areas throughout the hotel, these luxurious amidites are there for you to use at your leisure. We offer shower gel, hand cream, shampoo, conditioner, and hand soap.  

We can ensure that every guest can indulge and unwind by the affect the Ritual of Jing products have when they use them, creating a feeling of deep relaxation and calm before they go to sleep. 

Join us now, where you can partake on finding your own path to inner peace, using ‘The Ritual of Jing.’ 

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