Your Wedding at Dunadry Hotel

Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life; a joining, a new beginning and a celebration bringing together family and friends to toast your future life as one.

Here at the Dunadry, we want to share the specialness of that wonderful day with you. We’re old hands at weddings; we have over 40 years  of experience, friendly, professional staff who give everything we do that personal touch and a host of facilities for your special day. No matter how many weddings we do, however, we find that each one is a different, unique and joyous occasion, for us as well as you. We like to celebrate your marriage with you and your special day will be just yours – we give a guarantee of only one wedding in the hotel on any day. Our entire focus is on you and making your day every bit as perfect as it should be.

Dunadry Wedding Brochure 

Dunadry Winter Wedding Package