The Tree of Peace and Unity

The Tree of Peace & Unity

In the garden at the Dunadry stands a very special tree, in fact, two trees that have joined together in holy matrimony to grow as one in perfect unity under the bright light of the sun.

As you sit under the tree on your wedding day, may you be blessed with love, peace, real goodness and, yes, that perfect unity.

The Cork Display

Throughout the hotel you will see displays containing champagne corks from previous weddings here at The Dunadry. Each one belongs to one of the many happy couples who have celebrated their special day with us; signed as a lasting tribute to their wedding and their love.

Years of Experience & The Warmth of Family

Our staff have decades of experience at providing the perfect service for your most special day. We know exactly what each couple wants and work with you to deliver it. More importantly, being a family run hotel, we understand that everyone is unique; that's why we tailor your day to suit you. A snapshot of our services recently appeared in the Wedding Journal to commemorate our big anniversary here.